What makes a good conveyancing solicitor?

You probably haven’t thought too much about what makes a good conveyancing solicitor, but it’s a topic that bears some thought. When paying for any professional service, of course you want to make sure that your money is spent wisely.

You want to get the best possible service for your money, and not waste it on someone who won’t get the best result for you. It’s wise to consider exactly what makes a good conveyancing solicitor so that you can ensure you choose the best one. Here’s how you’ll know.

A good conveyancing solicitor will manage people and communicate well

A conveyancing solicitor is essentially the “middleman” between a wide number of different parties involved with the property transaction, such as:

  • Real estate agents
  • Banks or lending institutions
  • Legal teams
  • The seller or buyer
  • Local authorities and government agencies

As such, a good conveyancing solicitor needs to be very good at managing and dealing with all sorts of people. Poor communication between parties often leads to misunderstandings and conflict; and a conveyancing solicitor needs to make sure this doesn’t happen.

You also need someone who will speak to you in plain English, not legal jargon. This will help you have a clear understanding of your rights and obligations.

If your conveyancing solicitor goes on about disbursements, easements and encumbrances without explanation, you might have a problem. A really good conveyancing solicitor will speak plainly and simply without trying to sound inflated and important – because you really don’t need that.

A good conveyancing solicitor is professional, capable and experienced, and can maintain clear lines of communication between all parties.

A good conveyancing solicitor will manage your assets astutely

A good conveyancing solicitor will save you money throughout the whole process by ensuing the most advantageous conditions for you. As well, a good conveyancing solicitor can help ensure a property transfer free of any extra expenses.

You might be surprised to discover just how many ways a property transaction can go wrong – but there’s quite a few of them. Using a good conveyancing solicitor will ensure you don’t fall into any of these traps, and have to watch your property sale slip away from you.

And one of the biggest bonuses you’ll get with a conveyancing solicitor is insurance. All conveyancing solicitor carry professional indemnity and fidelity insurance to cover their clients if something goes wrong. Without this, you could stand to lose out significantly.

A good conveyancing solicitor will manage your documentation with attention to detail and accuracy

Filling out documents can be painful. That’s where a good conveyancing solicitor comes in extremely handy – because you won’t have to take care of any of the documentation yourself. A conveyancing solicitor will:

  • Prepare all documents for you
  • Check the accuracy of your contract
  • Ensure all your documentation and information is correct

When someone is dealing with this amount of paperwork on your behalf, they need to do so with great accuracy and attention to detail. The smallest mistaken detail can cause huge consequences. A good conveyancing solicitor won’t let that happen.

A good conveyancing solicitor will manage time well

Conveyancing is a very time-sensitive process. You can’t put things off until you happen to get around to them with conveyancing. A conveyancing solicitor has to get things done right – and on time.

There are consequences for not completing all tasks in a timely manner, and in the worst-case scenario, failure to do so could lead to the loss of the property sale. Time management is an extremely important skill for a conveyancing solicitor to have. This necessitates the conveyancing solicitor being accurate, proactive and very organised.

From finance deadlines to pest inspections, each one has a time frame that must be met.

A skilled conveyancing solicitor will keep track of all the critical dates that affect your property transaction – and ensure that you meet them.

As well as meeting all the time requirements necessary for the process to flow smoothly, a good conveyancing solicitor will be able to get you to settlement as quickly as possible.

They are usually experienced and good at what they do, so will be able to dispense with all tasks as quickly as possible. They will have a proactive approach in managing the entire process and will be able to deal with issues quickly and effectively.

Want to find conveyancing solicitors that are all this and more? Contact us here at GM Law, the conveyancing experts in Queensland and New South Wales.

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