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GM Law conveyancing solicitors on the Sunshine Coast are legal professionals who specialize in property law and can provide expert advice and assistance in all aspects of property transactions.

We have a wealth of experience working in the suburbs of Mooloolaba, Maroochydore, Noosa, Caloundra, Maleny and surrounding areas.

We are well aware of how important speed and a personal approach, so three years ago we opened an office in Sunshine Coast to provide online and offline affordable and reliable conveyancing services in this area. Whether you’re buying or selling a home our Sunshine Coast conveyancers can help you.

We are local to Sunshine Coast, Brisbane
We are local to Sunshine Coast, Brisbane
Why work with GM Law Sunshine Coast conveyancing lawyers?

Our team of trusted professionals at GM Law consists of Sunshine Coast conveyancing lawyers who have assisted hundreds of clients over the years. While Sunshine Coast is one of our main locations for providing conveyancing services, you can contact us online or visit our office.

Although we may not offer cheap conveyancing in Sunshine Coast, you can easily calculate the exact cost of our services using our Instant Quote form and compare it with other conveyancers. 

With over 150,000 successful settlements under our belt, you can rest assured that your conveyancing needs are in safe hands with us. We understand that conveyancing in Sunshine Coast can be specific and have its own set of rules.

Therefore, feel free to contact us even if you have a non-standard conveyancing case. We will be happy to hear from you and provide the necessary support.

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At our firm, we prioritize transparency and aim to provide you with all the necessary information regarding the conveyancing process on the Sunshine Coast. Our team of experienced professionals will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring that you are fully informed and aware of all associated costs.

Our unique conveyancing calculator not only provides you with the estimated fee for our services, but also breaks down the associated GST and other costs, ensuring that there are no hidden charges. Being a highly competitive market for Queensland, we value our long-term clients and strive to maintain their trust through our exceptional services.

We understand that each client may have unique queries and concerns regarding the conveyancing process on the Sunshine Coast. Therefore, we encourage you to get in touch with us for a personalized consultation over the phone. Our team will be more than happy to answer all your questions and provide the necessary guidance to ensure a smooth and stress-free conveyancing experience for you.

Our fixed fee conveyancing services on the Sunshine Coast for buyers and sellers

Our bespoke conveyancing services for
Sunshine Coast buyers

The best Gold Coast conveyancers do more than legal paperwork. Although purchasing property comes with risks, you should be free to focus on the rewards and let our team take responsibility for minimising your exposure. Our residential and commercial conveyancing services include:

Performing conveyancing contract review.

Learn about hidden stipulations you might otherwise miss and make sure your information is complete and accurate.

Using simple language so you fully understand your rights and obligations under the contract.

You don’t have to guess what to do to fulfill the contract.

Explaining preconditions.

We explain any conditional stipulations, such as financial approval or pest inspections.

Gathering or preparing documentation.

Our team will walk you through the execution of the transfer documentation. We will also help you understand the intricacies of paying for the transfer duty of Queensland property.

Adjusting settlement price.

Our solicitors ensure that all prepaid expenses are removed from the settlement price. These may include counsel rates, water rates, and other expenses.

Facilitating purchase settlement. We’ll find a time convenient for both the financiers and solicitors.
Overseeing property transfer.

You can count on us for guidance in registering the property in your name, ensuring all legal requirements are fulfilled.

Our conveyancing services for
Sunshine Coast sellers

The best Gold Coast conveyancer understands the intricacies of working with buyers. They can help you deal with your bank and real estate agent to meet your needs and expectations. You need a property conveyancing service that takes the following factors into account:

Maintaining regular contact.

Stay up to date on the sale of your property.

Using simple terms to describe the contract.

We’ll outline what’s expected of you in clear English. We also answer any questions you may have promptly and plainly.

Conducting title search.

Before you can sell your property, you’ll need a clear title to make sure that third-party interests won’t affect the sale.

Monitoring preconditions.

If you have preconditions, we ensure that the buyer executes all obligations, fulfilling the contract or forfeiting goodwill deposits.

Transferring documents accurately.

Our team will work with the buyer’s solicitor to review documents and ensure execution.

Making all settlement arrangements.

We will work with your mortgage financiers and the buyer’s solicitor to ensure that your mortgage is paid and settled properly.

Why choose us for Sunshine Coast conveyancing?

Residential conveyancing

Our team will walk you through the execution of the transfer documentation. We will also help you understand the intricacies of paying for the transfer duty of Sunshine Coast property.


Commercial conveyancing

Commercial conveyancing requires expertise and sophistication. Our highly skilled solicitors understand commercial property law inside and out. We’ll carefully guide you through commercial real estate conveyancing when buying or selling properties.


Property transfers

Do you need to remove or add names to your property? We can provide flawless property transfer execution to avoid delays and risks.


Self-managed super funds (SMSFs)

Do you have an SMSF? We can effectively buy or sell real estate through your fund.


Retirement village contracts

Relax and enjoy the next phase of your life when transitioning into a retirement village. GM Law provides expert assistance for a stress-free experience.

TOP questions about Sunshine Coast conveyancing

When you hire a conveyancer, they will help you with the transfer of property ownership. This includes preparing a contract, settling a deal under current regulations, assisting with a bank loan, and helping arrange an inspection. Of course, at key stages, they are personally present with you.

Also, when it comes to Sunshine Coast, it is essential to understand the difference between a solicitor and a conveyancer. When we talk about Sunshine Coast property transfer, we often hear that solicitors are cheaper, but the specifics of Queensland are that only conveyancers can carry out conveyancing.

We understand this page may not contain all the questions you have about Sunshine Coast conveyancing, so you can call us on 1300 185 636. It is free and will help you stand on your feet. Of course, if you become our client, we will match you with the best conveyancing solicitor in one of our five offices in Brisbane.

At a basic level, a property lawyer in Sunshine Coast should have all the same qualities as any lawyer, namely, to be your translator of legal terms and protect you from making legal mistakes.

Our Sunshine Coast conveyancing solicitors’ team meets this criterion, like many others. But what if you want more? We consider ourselves the best conveyancers because our ultimate goal is to make your life better. This goes beyond the basic list of conveyancing services. The Sunshine Coast property market is one of Australia’s most dynamic markets and often requires a personal touch. We are ready to talk. This is what separates the cheap conveyancer from the best conveyancer.

Yes, we do. In addition to the main office in Woolloongabba, we have four offices in Cleveland, Gold Coast, and Sunnybank Hills. The key idea behind these offices is that our Sunshine Coast conveyancing solicitors can easily communicate with our clients in person. In addition to online communications, there is always the need for face-to-face meetings and a presence at the settlements. Currently, our network of conveyancing offices fully satisfies the needs of all clients outside of Brisbane.

There are no conveyancing solicitors in Sunshine Coast who will deny you if you don’t have a real estate agent. A property lawyer can act as a deposit holder for you. Real estate agents usually prepare a contract for a conveyancing settlement, but if you don’t have a contract, we will not charge you an additional fee for preparing it.

A cheap conveyancer in Sunshine Coast would charge a $500 conveyancing fee, while the most expensive Gold Coast conveyancing costs are around $1400 and higher. GM Law’s Sunshine Coast conveyancing prices start at $700. But please note that the real price of conveyancing in Queensland is broken down into many fees and the majority of them are government charges. We suggest, therefore, being very careful of those who give you a single price.

You can fill out our Quote and receive a PDF document with a list of all the conveyancing fees that are relevant today for Sunshine Coast. Even if you don’t become our client, you can use this calculator to simply get a list of what you will have to pay to the Queensland government when buying or selling a property.

This issue is not relevant to Sunshine Coast conveyancing, as, in Queensland, only licensed conveyancers can transfer property. You can read more about this in our article here.

Yes, you do. Not all conveyancers deal with Wills, but it is part of the GM Law Sunshine Coast Conveyancing Solicitors services. Here you can find out more about Wills & Estates.

This is unnecessary, as we can discuss all your conveyancing issues online. This is your decision. Most people have a preference to either discuss conveyancing online or to have a face-to-face meeting at our main office in Woolloongabba which is located in Brisbane’s CBD.

Brisbane conveyancing fees include:

  1. Verification of Identity
  2. GST
  3. Land Tax – Clearance Search
  4. Property searches (Department of Transport and Main Roads)
  5. Body Corporate Information
    Certificate & Insurance Certificate (Estimate only)
  6. Common Property Title
  7. Community Title Scheme Search Statement
  8. Title Search
  9. Plan Image

Please note that the fees differ depending on whether you are buying or selling a property. You can get the PDF with an accurate list of fees and the exact prices for your property by filling out our quote.

This period is common to all Australian states and ranges from 30 to 90 days. The process of conveyancing in Queensland is slightly different from other states in Australia. You can find out more about the stages of conveyancing here.

In general, yes, but conveyancing solicitors in Australia work with foreigners differently than with residents. If you are a non-resident, you need to have the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) approval.

Also, you may only be able to only buy property that is under construction. This is one of the measures to protect the domestic market. Here you can find out more information about conveyancing for foreigners, but pay attention that the conveyancing is slightly different for New Zealand residents.

No one is telling you no, but the need for an inspection is listed on the Queensland government website, so if you’re conveyancing in Brisbane, chances are you can’t transfer ownership without it. One way or another, the opposing party may require a pest inspection and you will have to do so.

From the Conveyancing Solicitors‘ point of view, it is very important to include the pest inspection point in the contract. Conveyancing in Sunshine Coast is arranged so that you sign a contract first, and a pest inspection can take place weeks, or even months, later. Therefore, it is important to prescribe this in the contract, otherwise, if insects are found in your future home, you may have problems terminating the contract.

You can do it and you will pay less for it. There are several scenarios for the exchange of property between relatives, but keep in mind that Queensland conveyancing has its specifics associated with transfer duty: even if you, as relatives, don’t pay each other money to buy or sell property, you still have to pay tax based on the market value of that property.

Sometimes the buyer can fail with the deposit payment because of a bank mistake, or the seller fails to evict the tenant, and all such issues are part of the Conveyancing Solicitor’s concerns. Technically, if you didn’t meet the terms of the contract, then the opposite party can request a penalty from you, prescribed in the contract. But as a rule, both parties are interested in closing the deal, so they are usually ready for negotiation. The best Sunshine Coast Conveyancing Solicitor is the person who helps you with these negotiations in such difficult situations.

You can simply send us a contract by email. Most of the convening happens online. Things like pest inspections or house key handovers require your presence, but in other respects, you can easily rely on online communication. Doing all the paperwork online is one of our conveyancing principles.

Yes, in Queensland, first-home buyers can avoid transfer duty if the price of the house is below $550,000. The key point of our Sunshine Coast conveyancing office is to keep track of such nuances.

No, you can buy real estate freely. Although the laws of Queensland differ from those of other states, there are no restrictions on citizens of other states.

Sunshine Coast conveyancing
Sunshine Coast conveyancing
Hear from some of our clients

Thank you for all your help and patience over the last few months. We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who requires a Conveyancing Paralegal as you have done an excellent job with the minimum of fuss and a high professional standard.

Ken and Sylvia Gibbs of NSW (Labrador Qld property)

Hi GM Law, thanks so much for all of your assistance in making sure our purchase went smoothly. Your attention to detail was awesome and I will definitely be recommending you to everyone needing assistance with conveyancing. I really appreciated that we were regularly kept up to date as required. Your willingness to assist me with any questions that I had was fantastic and I can’t thank you enough for your warm, personable professionalism. I look forward to you assisting us with our future purchases. Thanks again!


It was just such a pleasant experience for us to let you guys deal with all these issues for us. You are simply the best. We sure will refer GM Law to our friends.


Thanks for your help, you have been brilliant and I would recommend you guys to anyone that asks.

Gabrielle Davey

Thank you for managing the sale… process was very smooth and great communication.


We are very happy with the service you are providing to us, and will be sure to refer you to all our friends.

Vanja Perovic-Vukotic, Sunnybank, Qld

We really appreciated your expertise and efficiency on the sale of our home. We will definitely be spreading the word and keeping GM Law details handy for when requiring your services again. Thanks again and congratulations to you on a job well done!

Jane & David Barker, Southport, Qld

Thank you for your professional, courteous and straightforward service!

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Whether you’re buying or selling on the Sunshine Coast, GM Law can help. With over two decades of experience working with investors and homeowners in this wonderful city, you’re in safe hands.

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