Do I need to use a local Conveyancing Solicitor for conveyancing?

How local does your Conveyancing Solicitor need to be?

While many people choose to use the services of a local Solicitor, it is not actually necessary. In theory, you can use a Conveyancing Solicitor located outside your town or city, or even outside your state or territory. These days, particularly with the Coronavirus pandemic, many of the functions of conveyancing can be carried out online or via email or phone. In the digital age, it’s quite possible to never meet your Conveyancing Solicitor face-to-face. It’s quite possible for Solicitors located in Brisbane to service clients all over the country.

You may choose to use a non-local Conveyancing Solicitor for many reasons. Perhaps you have worked with a certain Conveyancing Solicitor before and had a good experience, or a Conveyancing Solicitor have been recommended to you by someone you trust. In many small towns with only one Conveyancing Solicitor Solicitor, they will usually refuse to act for both the buyer and seller of the same property. In such cases, one party may need to use a non-local Conveyancing Solicitor instead.

Whatever the reason, the choice of local or non-local is yours to make. But you might be asking yourself whether there are any advantages to staying local. As it turns out, there are.

So, while you don’t actually need to use a local Conveyancing Solicitor when it comes to conveyancing, there are many advantages to doing so that are worth considering.

Advantages of using a local Solicitor

Knowledge of local legislation

At the very least, it’s wise to choose a conveyancing professional who resides in your state. This is because conveyancing laws and requirements differ significantly between the states and territories of Australia. What applies in one state will not necessarily apply in another. A Solicitor’s local knowledge of your area could definitely prove to be useful and of benefit to you.

You wouldn’t choose to work with a real estate agent who is not familiar with your local area, as they won’t have the same knowledge and experience as a local agent. In a similar vein, an interstate Conveyancing Solicitor will not be familiar with the specific rules of your state. Nor will they be as knowledgeable of your state’s practices, procedures and policies. They may need to spend more time becoming familiar with the law in your state before proceeding. You’ll get the best value for money and the best local expertise when you choose a Conveyancing Solicitor who works in your own state.

Experience does count when it comes to conveyancing, and your property sale is likely to be the biggest transaction you’ll carry out in your lifetime. You cannot afford to get it wrong – which is why it’s usually best to go for a local Solicitor.


It makes practical sense to work with a local Solicitor. It is far easier to meet in person with someone local, particularly if you need to sign documents or provide your Conveyancing Solicitor with anything. Online appointments are a poor substitute for face-to-face meetings. If you need complex details of your property transaction explained, it’s far quicker and easier to do so in person. A local Conveyancing Solicitor will allow you to feel more confident when selling or buying a property, as you know they can easily deal with your concerns or questions. This gives you a lot of reassurance and peace of mind.

Advantages of using a non-local Solicitor

Having said this, there are also some advantages to using a non-local Solicitor. While in some ways it’s more convenient to go local, in others it’s more convenient not to. While meeting in person has its advantages, it’s usually going to take longer. When dealing with a Conveyancing Solicitor online, you can simply email documents and signatures through, without the process of physically getting to your Solicitor’s office and waiting until they see you.

However, even if you use a local Solicitor, it is still possible to use technology throughout the transaction rather than in-person meetings. You can take advantage of a local Solicitor’s local knowledge, without the hassle of meeting in person – if you want to. It’s entirely up to you.

So ultimately what it comes down to is personal preference. While there are certainly advantages to choosing a local Solicitor, it’s entirely possible not to if that’s what you prefer. Here at GM Law we service all areas of Queensland and New South Wales, in both a local and non-local capacity. Contact us here to find out how we can help.

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