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Things you need to know before selling property in Brisbane

Selling a property in Brisbane?

It’s a good time to sell a house in Brisbane right now. Supply for houses currently outstrips demand, as not as many houses are being built in the Brisbane area. And given the affordability of Brisbane houses compared to other major cities, the selling market is looking strong.

Brisbane house prices are attractive to buyers, as the median price for a home in Brisbane is far lower than homes in Melbourne or Sydney. This means Brisbane is a good place to either live or invest in property.

Here are a few things you need to know to help your Brisbane property sale go smoothly.

You should get to know your local market

Carrying out a bit of market research before you sell is a great idea. You can determine a ballpark figure for your house, and develop some helpful market insights along the way.

To get more information on your local property market, go to sites like or

There are many good times to sell

For most places, spring is the best season to sell your property. In Brisbane however, due to the good weather and lifestyle features available all year, it’s possible to make a good sale all throughout the year.

In spring, more buyers are likely to visit open homes, but this makes competition higher.

Winter tends to have less competition for sales, so it’s actually a good time to take advantage of less competition.

Summer sees many people departing for holidays, but the season also adds pressure to get things settled before the end of the year.

Autumn is also a good time to sell, as the end of the financial year is looming.

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You’ll need to appoint a conveyancing solicitor

A conveyancing solicitor plays a vital role in your property sale. They will make the process of selling your Brisbane home simple, smooth and straightforward. A conveyancer will help you to:

  • Meet all your legal and contractual obligations
  • Meet your financial obligations
  • Meet the necessary timelines
  • Meet special contract conditions
  • Prepare a bulletproof contract
  • Negotiate the sale price
  • Manage all documentation
  • Deal with any problems that arise throughout the process
  • Handle receipt of payments
  • Transfer the property title to the buyer

A licenced conveyancer will take the stress, hassle and complexity out of the selling process for you. You can relax, having the utmost confidence and peace of mind that your property sale will proceed smoothly.

It’s wise to use the services of a specialist conveyancer who can look after all those areas you didn’t know you had to know about. The whole process will become a lot easier if you can work with a trusted professional who can guide you through.

Before appointing a conveyancing solicitor, shop around and compare costs, services and experience. Word of mouth is a great way to uncover a great conveyancing solicitor who will perform a high-quality service. And make sure you find a legal firm that specialises in conveyancing or property (such as GM Law – contact us here).

How to set your property up for a successful sale

To make the best sale, highlight your home’s standout features to differentiate it from all the other houses competing for attention. Use these insider tips to help you make the best sale:

  • Brisbane property-owners love the relaxed outdoor living offered by many Brisbane houses. If your property offers outdoor living features, highlight the layout of your property and how it blends with the entertaining areas.
  • Air-conditioning is essential nowadays for Brisbane property owners, so let it be known if your house offers air-conditioning.
  • Part of Brisbane’s charm is its many hills, that offer views, improved airflow and natural light. Brisbane residents love an elevated vantage point for their home, so if your house is located atop a hill, make this a feature selling point.
  • North-facing orientations are also popular, as they catch morning warmth but shield residents from the harsh Brisbane sun in the afternoon. Highlight your north facing orientation if your home is lucky enough to feature it.
  • If your home is located in a good state school catchment or near to a good private school, this is also worth highlighting. Proximity to a good school has never been more important to property investors.
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