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Three great resources to help you when buying a property in Brisbane

Buying a property in Brisbane?

It’s a great time to be buying a house in Brisbane. Housing values are virtually steady throughout Brisbane, and have been resilient to major falls caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Plus, Brisbane, with its highly liveable combination of idyllic weather, lively lifestyle, vibrant community and great scenery, is a great place to live.

It’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed and confused when buying a property, even in a wonderful place like Brisbane. Here are three handy resources that should assist you to find the best property for you, and help your property purchase run smoothly.

A Brisbane schools map

Whether or not you have children, living near a great school definitely adds value to the surrounding real estate. Many home buyers want to know what state school catchment they will be living in.

It’s important for many to be able to access schools with a strong principal and a good reputation. Buying property inside such a catchment can make it easier to sell later on, and increase your property value significantly. As well, living near a great private school can also add value to your property. It’s wise to consider buying a property inside of one of Brisbane’s desirable school catchments, as this is a great drawcard for property investors.

You can access the Queensland Government’s education map for Brisbane here:

The Brisbane City Plan

Another good resource worth investigating is the Brisbane City Plan. This vast, interactive online document provides a wealth of information that directly impacts the rentability and saleability of a property. The City Plan includes aerial photography of each property, plus information on:

  • Local zonings and designations
  • Planning restrictions and relaxation
  • Flooding
  • Overland flows
  • Property lot reports
  • Property holding reports
  • Bicycle networks
  • Noise corridors
  • Air quality corridors
  • Infrastructure plans
  • Distance from airport
  • House character
  • Sun angles
  • Local geographical features

And that’s just a sample of what you can find out about your planned property purchase! Spend a bit of time learning how to use the plan and interpret the information you can find. Having all that knowledge at your fingertips will help you make the best property purchase.

You can access the Brisbane City Plan here.

A local conveyancing solicitor

A conveyancer will help you legally transfer ownership from the previous owner of the house to yourself, the new buyer. There’s a lot of legal, financial and contractual work involved in a property purchase, and it must all be carried out completely and correctly to fulfil all legal obligations.

Choosing a local conveyancing professional to assist with your property purchase is usually a wise idea. A local conveyancer will have a lot more knowledge and experience of your local area than a non-local one.

As well, they will be far more knowledgeable of your state’s policies, practices and procedures. As conveyancing laws and requirements differ between the states and territories of Australia, it’s wise to use someone local. A conveyancing solicitor’s local knowledge of your area should prove useful and beneficial to you.

Your local conveyancer will:

  • Review your contract to discover hidden third-party rights or stipulations
  • Communicate with all parties involved in the transaction
  • Conduct searches to uncover any preconditions
  • Review and explain the search results
  • Prepare documentation
  • Ensure proper adjustment of the price paid at settlement
  • Facilitate settlement and ensure property ownership is lawfully transferred to you

The next step for Brisbane home buyers

To talk to local Brisbane conveyancing solicitors with the highest levels of property law experience, get in contact with GM Law today:

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