Let’s make conveyancing easier

Imagine if conveyancing was just the process of handing over keys and shaking hands. No, in reality, everything is not so simple. But we strive for this simplicity.

How conveyancing works in Queensland

  • 1
    Have a house you want to sell or know what house you want to buy

    Well, that was the hardest part. If you are here, then you have already clearly figured out this point.

  • 2
    Know the conveyancing specifics of Queensland

    No need if you use the GM Law services. We have already done the homework.

  • 3
    Contact GM Law so we can take care of you

    Contact us or submit an Instant Quote request to take the next step

  • 4
    Know the conveyancing specifics of Queensland

    If you are satisfied with the fee (and if not, we are ready to discuss why), let’s start the process.

  • 5
    Making an offer

    When you are ready to make an offer, you will sign a contract with a price, and the other party will either sign this contract or put forward a counter offer. It’s like ping-pong in which we win for you.

  • 6
    Sign the contract

    Sounds as simple as it is.

  • 7
    Cooling-off period

    In case the ping-pong was too hot, there is a cool-off period of five working days. During this time, you can safely terminate the contract.

  • 8
    Insure your house

    The house that you buy or sell must be insured. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure to check it for you.

  • 9
    Paying Transfer Duty

    You only pay if you are a buyer of real estate.

  • 10

    In general, this is the process of handing over keys and shaking hands. We will do everything else behind the scenes.

Are you needing more details?

We understand that the conveyance process in Queensland has its own specifics and that it might be interesting for you to learn more to get on your feet. Therefore, we wrote a step-by-step guides for both Buyers and Sellers.