Good conveyancer qualities

Eight qualities a good Conveyancing Solicitor must have

Solicitors need to be experts in many areas. Here are eight of them that are non-negotiable when choosing your Solicitor.

Qualified and experienced

Before you begin, check that the firm that does your conveyancing has a Qld Law Society Practicing certificate which qualifies and permits them by law to act on your behalf. 

When a Conveyancing Solicitor is licenced and registered, it proves that they have met all the requirements of qualification, experience, and knowledge.

They will also have met good character requirements. Their extensive training allows them to hone their highly specialist skills and knowledge relating to the legal issues arising from property transactions.

An experienced Conveyancing Solicitor has probably already dealt with whatever problems or issues might arise with your property transaction and will likely have a solution or advice ready. They will maintain confidentiality and will astutely be able to deal with issues.

A good communicator

A Conveyancing Solicitor with good communication skills will be able to explain to you clearly and succinctly the steps in the process and how it all works.

Solicitors regularly need to explain complex legal information to their clients, so it is vital they can make it understandable to people without a legal background.

They should listen to your concerns, needs and desires, and explain things that you don’t understand. If your Conveyancing Solicitor uses hard-to-understand legal jargon and does not seem to listen or understand your concerns, you may have a problem.

A Conveyancing Solicitor will have to liaise with several people throughout your property transaction, including buyers, sellers, real estate agents and lending institutions.

Poor communication leads to conflict and misunderstanding, so it’s wise to find someone who can communicate clearly and effectively.


Being professional is important, as you are trusting the entire administration of your property transaction to this person.

A good Conveyancing Solicitor will always remain professional. They will show a great deal of integrity and sound judgment and will handle your transaction with sensitivity and capability.

Conveyancing is a complex and specialised area of law, and a good Conveyancing Solicitor will be well versed in all areas of it. He or she should be able to quickly adapt to changing situations and deal with anything that comes across their path.

A good time manager

The process of conveyancing comes with stringent timelines that absolutely need to be met. Failure to do so can see your property transaction come to a grinding halt. A time-wise Conveyancing Solicitor will be able to ensure you meet all your legal requirements in a timely manner.

Detailed and thorough

A good Conveyancing Solicitor should be somewhat of a nit-picker. They need to go through contracts with a fine-toothed comb, with great accuracy and attention to detail. They need to apply this attention to detail to all the documents they prepare for your conveyance and to every aspect of the process.


You want to deal with a Conveyancing Solicitor who is available whenever you need them and who you can liaise with directly. The last thing you want is an inaccessible person you need to play phone tag with, and who’s always too busy to get back to you.

Do not settle for passing messages back and forth through other people – find a Conveyancing Solicitor you can have direct access to, who is responsive and easily accessible.

Of course, allowances should be made for people being busy (you are almost certainly not their only client), but a good Conveyancing Solicitor will do their utmost to make time for you.

A problem solver

The process of conveyancing essentially involves uncovering problems and figuring out the most effective way to solve them. A good Conveyancing Solicitor will thoroughly research all angles of the problem and use their experience and expertise to make sure it gets solved.

Someone who knows your local area

Hiring a Conveyancing Solicitor who understands the unique challenges and requirements of your local region is important as well. You need to find someone who has a presence in your local area and has been there for a while.

This will ensure they have ready knowledge concerning your city and your local council and can help you overcome the unique challenges of your area. A good Conveyancing Solicitor will be very knowledgeable about your state’s differing laws, regulations, and requirements, as well as any amendments and changes to legislation. They will be able to leverage their local knowledge to help your property transaction flow smoothly.

To find quality Solicitors who embody these qualities, get in contact here.

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